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How It All Began

At Dough & Co, we have a passion for sharing our love of food with everyone we meet. Since we first opened our doors back in 2018, we’ve been devoted to offering the highest-quality products for the community.

Dough & Co is founded by Christina Soukdala, who is our head baker and a manager. Christina fell in love with doughnuts she had during her time in UK, so she learnt how to make them in a local bakery in the city of London.

Dough & Co started making doughnuts in late 2017 until 2018, we decided to open the cafe offering doughnuts, coffee and food.  Currently Dough & Co offers variety type of doughnuts made fresh everyday. 

In addition, we also have Butter scones, Banana cake with walnuts, Ukrainian Honey cake and chocolate chips cookies (Levain style). We have also started baking Sourdough breads since February 2020. 

Our aim is to introduce delicious artisan doughnuts with the best ingredients and no preservation. We would like our customers to experience the best quality and taste straight out from our bakery fresh and good. 

We love our coffee as much as we love our doughnuts. We have been proudly serving coffee beans roasted by Saffron Coffee in Luang Prabang since day one. The beans are the highest quality Arabica on offer in Northern Laos, they are organic, shade-grown, hand-picked, processed, and hand-sorted to the same standards. Coffee cherries are directly traded and sustainably sourced from farmers. Besides the excellent taste, we love Saffron coffee for their work and we are happy to serve their coffee in our store. 

We look forward to serving the Vientiane community for years to come.

From London to Vientiane, with love. 

Dough & Co

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